Ari headshot 1I spray for you.

Ari Krasner was born in New York, New York. Raised in a strong artistic family environment and greatly encouraged by both her mother (who was also an artist) and her father (a writer) she naturally developed a deep love of the arts from an early age. Painting began since her age was measured in months (her mom would give her scraps of paper for her projects, a cup of water, a child’s easel and a brush for her to play with….) She really became serious with it during her last years of high school in her small Advanced Placement art class. However, resigned to a more professional course in college, Ari graduated with a degree in English and Judaic/Holocaust Studies – but could normally be found with her sketch book in hand trying to be a real artist. After college Ari spent the next 2 years following the call to become a first responder with AmeriCorps *NCCC and VISTA. Living out of a suitcase and van, rebuilding homes in the Gulf post-Katrina and partnering with Red Cross and FEMA for disaster relief during Hurricanes Ike and Gustav. VISTA brought her to Washington, DC in 2009. Finally settled and working full time with the under-served communities yet now finding herself with the opportunity to take up her first true love, art , once again.

I spray for you

The Art

There are a lot of influences in my art, starting with my mother and moving randomly from there – but I find most of my inspiration comes from the anonymous work of the thousands of street artists around the globe; From Žilda and Dede to Icy & Sot to the massive group of unknown artists trying to start a movement through art. I have spent many an hour of my life randomly walking the side streets of NYC, DC, Rome and Tel Aviv – looking at some of the most unique, funny, politically charged and heart breaking pieces. Graffiti is by its nature momentary; it comes and goes as buildings do, at the whim of property owners and weather and other, newer artistic pieces meant to showcase the new cause of that time. It is presented to us as anything from a brief thought to a fully-fledged project, spanning years and places or appearing just once, hidden in a corner.  I have been lucky enough to find in person some of these fleeting pieces which have been able to move me and influence me. I draw my inspiration from all the street art – except my work is not on a wall but on canvas.  I specialize in spray paint and mixed media portraiture. It’s the mirror of the soul or so they say; the human face tells a story and I would be most happy to paint yours. Each piece is customized for the person – whether for a gift, a memorial or just something you found that was beautiful. I am excited to work with you to create your specific, personal piece of artwork.


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